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WELC is on a winning streak, saving wild places, wildlife, and communities across the West.


Youths secure a big win in Washington state for our climate and for the future of our planet.


Wolverines will be reconsidered for protection under the Endangered Species Act! Only 250-300 remain in the wild.


We protected clean water from coal mine pollution in Montana! We stopped toxic metals from being dumped into waterways!

State oil and gas rules are falling short to control methane waste on public lands.

This report shows why a strong federal rule is needed.


The state needs to develop trapping restrictions to protect this rare, wild cat from being inadvertently killed.


Read about the most important cases our legal team will work on this year to defend the American West's environment and communities.


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Prevent Grizzly Bears from Losing Endangered Species Act Protection!

Watch a 4-minute video that details the risks to Chaco Canyon and why this area must be protected from fracking.


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BLM puts brakes on Whitewater drilling project (Press Release 5/3/16)

Agency refuses to green-light project in absence of hydraulic fracturing analysis

In a victory for residents of Whitewater and everyone concerned with air and water quality in western Colorado, the state office of the Bureau of Land Management put the brakes on a...

Youths Secure Second Win In Washington State Climate Lawsuit (Press Release 4/29/16

Judge Chastises State, Rules From Bench Ordering State to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Today, in a surprise ruling from the bench in the critical climate case brought by youths against the state of Washington's Department of Ecology (“Ecology”), King County Superior Court...

Court Rules Against Unrestricted Motorized Travel in Santa Fe National Forest (Press Release 4/28/16)

Ruling Upholds Forest Service Plan to Protect Irreplaceable Wildlife Habitat and Minimize User Conflicts

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday dismissed an appeal of the U.S. Forest Service's 2012 Santa Fe National Forest...

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Defending and restoring the natural heritage of the West
Protecting and recovering wildlife indigenous to the West
Fighting dirty energy while promoting a clean, renewable energy future in the West