Resilient Wildlands & Communities

Protecting the American West hinges on our world’s ability to not exceed dangerous climate tipping points beyond which our wildlands and communities would face severe degradation. We must proactively address climate change by improving the ability of our wildlands and communities to resist adverse climate change impacts.

We’re doing this through a far-ranging campaign to conserve wildlife habitat for key animals—like lynx and wolverine—and other vulnerable wildlands, like mountain watersheds and rivers, from climate change impacts. We’re also advocating for smart land management policies that promote forward thinking to understand the risks and uncertainties of climate change, promote the responsible and efficient use of clean energy, and respect clean water, wildlife habitat, and open space.

In all these efforts, we’re looking to connect our work to the people, like you, who know these places best and whose lives depend on a resilient American West.

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Reducing Methane Pollution on Public Lands: BLM/EPA Waste Rules (Nation)
Colorado Forest Planning (CO)
Forest Collaborative: Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (OR)
Malheur National Forest: Blue Mountains Forest Partners (OR)
Protecting lynx habitat in the Rio Grande National Forest (CO)
Protecting Washington's Atmosphere as a Public Trust (WA)
Protecting Wildlife From Wildlife Services in Colorado (CO)
Sustainable Agriculture Campaign (WA)
Wetland Jewels (NM)
Victory! Navajo Coal Mine Expansion Challenge (CO, NM, AZ, UT)
Victory! North Fork Valley Oil & Gas Challenge (CO)