2014: Briefing is complete before D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and we are awaiting oral argument. The case was dismissed in 2012 and rehearing motion denied in 2013, which led to the appeal being filed last summer.

Dr. James Hansen Federal Climate Change Lawsuit (Nation)

On behalf of Dr. James Hansen, the nationally-renowned climate scientist, WELC has filed a brief in a federal lawsuit in support of a lawsuit seeking to require the Obama administration to cap carbon emissions. Youth plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in an effort to force federal agencies to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent further increases in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions and to begin rapidly reducing emissions to the level that climate experts agree is necessary to halt catastrophic climate change.

"WELC's hardwork, strong legal advocacy, and fervent commitment to stemming the climate crisis is needed now more than ever. Thank you WELC." Dr. James E. Hansen, Climate Scientist.

This case affects federal climate policy and implicates all states.